Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello Again, Colorado.

Oh, hi, peoples.

So my sister and I have now spent a full week in the beautiful state of Colorado!

Denver, CO from the sky.
I am a little behind on the blog posting, but no worries. I am on top of it once again, and I will make the lack of my productivity up to you.  Every other day, I will be updating my blog throughout the trip, and every other week, I will have a new video capturing our adventures on my Youtube channel!

Colorado is stunning. When I was younger, my family would travel here often, but I haven't been here since 2008. I forgot just how wonderful it is.

Our flight left Atlanta Saturday, June 13th at 7:15 AM.

We stayed at our cousin's Friday night so we wouldn't have to wake up at 1 AM to make it to our flight the next morning. I hadn't been to our cousin's in a bit, so it was great to have a short visit with her and her cute little animals.

My cousin's babies. Instagram: @talesoftiffanylove
Mom and our cousin dropped Hannah and I at the airport at 5:45. We didn't check any luggage (packing for three and a half weeks in a carry-on guide is on the way), and we were able to make it through security by 6:25.

 Y'all, it was insane. Security has never been so easy. They have simplified the usually-dreaded process. You no longer have to remove your shoes, electronics, or liquids in your little 1 quart baggy. You just throw your luggage on the conveyer belt and walk through the passage way that no longer beeps at you because you forgot to take off your earrings. Getting in and out of security was a breeze. Well done, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Well done.

When we got to our gate, I noticed the screen behind the desk said "Flight #not-our-flight to Philadelphia." Immediately, I brought it to Hannah's attention. As she contacted Mom to see if she had been informed of changes to our flight, I ran up to the receptionist. Thankfully, the gates had just been switched around, and our flight would be boarding in the same area a few gates down. Once we were settled, we grabbed a bag of pretzels, fruit, water, and gum, and prepared to board.

The flight was great. We sat next to a guy who was our age and had been visiting his friends at University of North Georgia (woot woot!) and basically just slept/listened to his music all three hours.
Flying Frontier Airlines was a wonderful experience.
This was my first time flying in seven years, and it could not have been a better experience. When I was younger, flying freaked me out. This time around, I was older, knew what to expect, and understood how to better prepare and handle my anxiety in a situation like this. (If you want to see my flying tips for anxious humans like myself, just let me know!) I also got some fantastic shots above the clouds.

Hannah napping on the shuttle.
Once we arrived in Denver, we took a shuttle to meet our Aunt in Cheyenne, and she took us to Steamboat Springs! In two weeks, it has been a year since Dad moved to Colorado. Seeing him was so fantastic! Hannah and I surprised him before he got off work when we arrived. It was great, and I caught it all on video. After exploring a bit, we were exhausted and made a necessary Starbucks stop.

After traveling all day, I was thankful for Starbucks' Existence. 
To celebrate the reunion, we had dinner at this great place called Rex's (restaurant review coming soon) and enjoyed the beautiful Alpine Glow on the ski mountain. The day could not have ended more perfectly.

Left: Hannah & Aunt Lisa, Right: Dad & I

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I am so happy I get to spend this time with my Dad and sister. I have missed him terribly, and I am super excited for the upcoming weeks. Make sure to check back here every other day so you don't miss a thing!


Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Grown-Up 21st Disney Birthday Party!

I turned twenty-one April 13th. I am not sure who decided I was ready to turn twenty one, but it happened. On my actual birthday, Tim took me to the Georgia Aquarium (blog post and video coming soon!), but to celebrate with my friends the week before, I had a Dress-up, Disney-themed, twenty-first birthday party.

 I wasn't sure how it would turn out or if anyone would even show up, but it was AMAZING! The set-up was exactly how I'd imagined and planned out, and everything could not have been more perfect. 

I had to hold the tissue pom-poms while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me to avoid setting the place on fire.

After changing who I was dressing up as fifty times (more like 62), the day before the party, I finally decided to dress up as a modern, real-life Elsa. It was simple but super fun to dress up like a Disney princess.. er, Queen, for a night. 

My friends and I prepared everything the few days leading up to the party. Each area, except for the Photo Booth, represented a specific Disney movie:

Drinks - Frozen
Food - Toy Story
Desserts - Winnie the Pooh
Sitting Area - The Little Mermaid
Dinner Tables - Mickey Mouse, Disney Mashup.

 Everything from colors to decorations matched the correlating theme. We blew up balloons to frame the area and made Pom-poms to hang above each table. For food, each attendee brought a "Disney-themed" dish. The only things we had to spend money on were balloons, streamers, table cloths, and tissue for the pom-poms. Ashley already had some random decorations, and I already had lights and everything Disney related.

Frozen themed Drink station.

Frozen was blue, purple, and white. We added fake snow and simple candles all over the table and used a clear vase for white, glitter branches to accent the table. We also had glass cube candle holders to represent ice. I found cute blue and purple polka dotted and striped straws from Target for $1 and had them in a mini Frozen bucket from the Party Store. We did clear cups with sharpies where everyone could draw their own Olaf and write their names. 

We made Andy's wallpaper for the Toy Story table cloth.

For Toy Story, I did purple and light green balloons for Buzz, yellow and red pom-poms with little wooden cowboy boots and horse shoes hanging for Woody, and a light blue table cloth with tissue paper clouds Tim drew and cut out to represent the wallpaper in Andy's room. I placed my Woody, Bullseye, and Jesse dolls in a basket to set on the side, just in case people still weren't sure what the table was supposed to represent, and put the utensils in a mini Toy Story bucket.

Left: Dessert Table with the other tables in the back, Right: The Little Mermaid Sitting Area

For the Hundred Acre Wood gang, I did a soft yellow color theme for the pom-poms and table cloth. The balloons were dark and light pink, and orange and black for Piglet and Tigger. Ashley had tree trunk slices and golden glitter candle jars that we placed all over the table and a huge tree trunk cupcake display where we put the homemade pink, red and orange cupcakes my sister made. 

In the Sitting Area, we hung streamers and pom-poms from the beams, taped teal balloons framing the fireplace, and threw blue streamers all over the mantel. I put my Sebastian and Max stuffed animals on the fireplace and a treasure chest Tim made out of pallet wood filled with bead necklaces on the table. For an extra "Under the Sea" touch, I added a blue table cloth on the coffee table and spread out sea shells and luaus all over it. 

String lights, VHS's for center pieces, my Disney books & stuffed animals, and a Disney castle decorated the rest of the room.. everything was just perfect!
For the dinner table, I did a classic Mickey Mouse theme for the colors of the table cloths, pom-poms and balloons. We sat my Disney VHS's with tea light candles along the center of tables. We attached the red, black, and silver balloons to little metal buckets with Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse, and Monsters Inc. on them and filled each bucketwith Disney gummies.
Bert, Mary Poppins, & Elsa.

Tim, being the talented man that he is, made the photo booth, which you can see in the vlog, out of bed sheets and PVC Piping. We lined the top with string lights and hung streamers and balloons at the entrance.

The rest of the room was covered with string lights and all of my Disney stuffed animals, books, and board games. At the back of the room, we had a huge balloon Disney castle. The last party that was held at the location left it there a few months back, and it could not have been more perfect for my Disney party! It added so much, and we didn't even have to pay for it.

 To see everything in all it's glory, make sure to check out my vlog! 

Pacha & Chicha.
 Tim, thank you for wanting to throw me a Disney-themed birthday party and all of your help from beginning to end. Hannah J., thank you for allowing us to use your property, taking photos, and for really getting the ball rolling for everything!

Bethany, thank you for your help and mad photography skills for the photo booth. Ashley, thank you for spending four hours making pom-poms with me, finding my Elsa dress, bringing so many decorations, and all of your help setting up.

Hannah L., thank you for making the most delicious homemade birthday cupcakes ever. Hannah Q., of Honey + Jam, thank you for taking photos, keeping the score for the game, and picking up birthday candles because I totally forgot those would be needed. Levi, you and Tim are master string light decorators. It was beautiful. Thank you.

And just to every person there, thank you for coming, dressing up, bringing food, and your help setting up and taking it all down afterwards. There is no way this would have turned out so amazing without any of you people. I am thankful I have so many amazing friends in my life.

Mr. Fredricksen & Elsa.

So yeah, I'm twenty-one now.. That's new.