Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Your Space!

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 I guess it could be the time of year, but I am going Spring Cleaning Crazy. I want everything to be clean and organized. I want things rearranged. I want things I no longer use or need to be gone. I'm sick of clutter. The past few days, I have been cleaning up a storm and discovered there were a few things I could develop into tips and share with y'all to hopefully help you in your decluttering process.

1. Have one folder for notes and cards.

 Do you really need all twenty-eight notes from your middle school boyfriend? Or a generic birthday card from a family member that you have ten others from? (You don't.) Just keep the things that truly mean something to you, and you know, without a doubt, you would regret throwing away.

2. Get a little box for random keepsakes. 

 Same rule applies with your keepsakes. Containing your random keepsakes in a small box you can set on a shelf, limits you and makes you think about what is honestly worth keeping.

3. Haven't worn it in a year? Don't need it! 

 There are plenty of people out there who would be happy to wear that shirt you got just because it was on sale and have not worn more than once since or your Field Day t-shirt from 2008. Even in my small town, we have multiple thrift stores that are always accepting donations. Or if you know a family or someone in need, gather the items and send them their way.

4. Basically brand new? Sell it!

 The internet is a fantastic platform for making some extra money on anything you have that might as well be brand new. Most cities have some sort of Online Yard Sale Group on Facebook. Join one nearby to you and start listing. Let me know in the comments if you want my tips and tricks for selling stuff on these sites!

 There are also apps now available for smart phones that make selling your items even easier! I just downloaded the app Poshmark to start selling my nicer items. I'll let you know how it goes.

5. Ripped, broken, torn? Toss it!

 I am the world's worst about keeping things after they are broken or torn because I think I can hot glue or sew it back together. Though this may be the case with some things, most of the time, I never actually get around to doing it, and when I do, it doesn't really work out. I am not talking about a little tear that no one notices; this point is about the stuff that is just down right shattered. There comes a time when the best thing to do is throw the stuff in the garbage.

6. Waaay too many t-shirts? Make a quilt!

 I haven't actually done this one yet, but I am in the early stages. Even with this, I am only including the t-shirts that do you have strong sentimental value... not every free t-shirt or every school t-shirt ever. Just choose the shirts that bring back good memories. Give away the others.

7. Re-arrange a little!

 Sometimes, all you need to do to declutter an area is re-arrange it. Whether that be a drawer, a shelf, or an entire room, go for it! Just switching things up can be the most refreshing thing. Remember. Change is a good thing.

 This has all helped me so much over the last week. I hope the tips do the same for you! What cleaning tips do you have for me? Good luck on your Spring Cleaning! <3


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  1. Great ideas Tiffany. I love how you have so many suggestions for repurposing vs. just throwing things out. Feeling very inspired to get to work on my own closet now!