Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Resolutions & Why I Hate Them.

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 I hate resolutions.

 I don't hate the word, but rather the usage of it. According to the interwebs, a resolution is "a firm decision to do or not to do something." Around this time of year, everyone and their brother start making New Year's Resolutions. Everybody gets a fresh start. Time gives you a little restart button in life. 

 I love seeing people make changes. I love that January 1st motivates so many to better themselves and those around them. I love it when a person switches up everything for the better. Those people are what keep the world trucking. 

 But too often, people do not follow through with their so-called "firm decisions" and the entire concept becomes a joke. There is no passion or motivation behind their resolutions. That's why I hate resolutions. They have become the equivalent to empty promises.

 With that said, there are the rare few who stay focused on their goals. 

 My absolute favorite humans are the ones who despite what others say or the odds against them or the trials they face, they continue to pursue their resolutions. There are all sorts of twists and turns, but they stay focused. They stay focused and complete their lists and then some. That is how it needs it be.

 My Pastor actually discussed something like this Sunday morning. It wasn't the exact same, but it was close enough for me to steal the basis of his analogy and tweak it to fit what I am talking about.

 Think of this year as a race. You have the fancy track, uniform, baton, the whole nine... or ten... whatever that saying is. The 2014 You made it to December 31st, and when the clock stroke midnight, they passed the You of 2015 the baton. It is now up to you how you finish this race. Are you going to run towards your goals, or will you just sit in a recliner on the side lines and be in the exact same place you were last year?

 I am not saying to make this ridiculous list of random junk, like lose weight or reconnect with your friends from elementary school. Not that those are terrible things to do, but actually spend time thinking intently about how you want  to spend this year. What can you do this year to work toward your goals, your passions, the person you want to be? Whatever it is, do that.

 Now that my rant and motivational speech is over, I did use the restart button of the new year as an opportunity to focus in on what changes should be made in my life. If you would like for me to expand on my resolutions, I may make a video if enough people would be interested... Or you can just read my to-do list. Either way.

1. Spend intentional time with God daily, whether that be by spending time in the word, journaling, or in prayer.

2. Post on my blog weekly.

3. Post a YouTube video every other week.

4. Go somewhere new every month.

5. Take fewer but more meaningful photos.

6. Show love.

 What's at the top of your To-Do List in 2015? Let's talk about it below!


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