Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Resolutions & Why I Hate Them.

resolutions and why i hate them stationery calendar planner hipster rustic vintage chic pallet board desk night stand gold light bulb

 I hate resolutions.

 I don't hate the word, but rather the usage of it. According to the interwebs, a resolution is "a firm decision to do or not to do something." Around this time of year, everyone and their brother start making New Year's Resolutions. Everybody gets a fresh start. Time gives you a little restart button in life. 

 I love seeing people make changes. I love that January 1st motivates so many to better themselves and those around them. I love it when a person switches up everything for the better. Those people are what keep the world trucking. 

 But too often, people do not follow through with their so-called "firm decisions" and the entire concept becomes a joke. There is no passion or motivation behind their resolutions. That's why I hate resolutions. They have become the equivalent to empty promises.

 With that said, there are the rare few who stay focused on their goals. 

 My absolute favorite humans are the ones who despite what others say or the odds against them or the trials they face, they continue to pursue their resolutions. There are all sorts of twists and turns, but they stay focused. They stay focused and complete their lists and then some. That is how it needs it be.

 My Pastor actually discussed something like this Sunday morning. It wasn't the exact same, but it was close enough for me to steal the basis of his analogy and tweak it to fit what I am talking about.

 Think of this year as a race. You have the fancy track, uniform, baton, the whole nine... or ten... whatever that saying is. The 2014 You made it to December 31st, and when the clock stroke midnight, they passed the You of 2015 the baton. It is now up to you how you finish this race. Are you going to run towards your goals, or will you just sit in a recliner on the side lines and be in the exact same place you were last year?

 I am not saying to make this ridiculous list of random junk, like lose weight or reconnect with your friends from elementary school. Not that those are terrible things to do, but actually spend time thinking intently about how you want  to spend this year. What can you do this year to work toward your goals, your passions, the person you want to be? Whatever it is, do that.

 Now that my rant and motivational speech is over, I did use the restart button of the new year as an opportunity to focus in on what changes should be made in my life. If you would like for me to expand on my resolutions, I may make a video if enough people would be interested... Or you can just read my to-do list. Either way.

1. Spend intentional time with God daily, whether that be by spending time in the word, journaling, or in prayer.

2. Post on my blog weekly.

3. Post a YouTube video every other week.

4. Go somewhere new every month.

5. Take fewer but more meaningful photos.

6. Show love.

 What's at the top of your To-Do List in 2015? Let's talk about it below!


Going the Second Mile by Running Thirteen.

 The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon is the reason we all went to Savannah, so I feel it deserves a post.

 With that said, it will be a short post
savanna georgia running run marathon half rock n roll rock and roll friends proud success finish line
because my only experience with the run is through Timothy's journey and me showing up at the end of the race to cheer on Dana and him.

 Tim's friend, Thomas, told him about the marathon in February 2014. He expected a big group I commit to it, so he was totally in for the experience. He was also excited to run for World Visions. It ended up just being him and Dana who signed up from the group, but when he commits to something, he always follows through so for the next few months he had a new hobby. 

 He started training three to four months before the race. He had never ran in any kind of race before in his life so this was definitely a new experience for him. By the end of it, he was a regular running machine. Well, that's my opinion. He hated every last bit of it in the moment.

 His only goal for he race was to finish under two hours, and he did it! He finished in 1:59 and placed 934 out of 15,000. He was exhausted, and I was quite proud. 

 Their team of seventeen raised $3,000, all which went towards building wells in Africa. 

 Following the race, Tim said he would never do that again. I just asked him as I type this a few months later, and he is down. I guess we will see what happens next year!

West Broughton Street.

 Downtown Savannah, Georgia is magical.

 All of the history mixed with the beautiful environment and fantastic food and shopping created a haven I never want to leave. Unfortunately, I don't have the financial stability to stay hidden in the Spanish Moss Oaks for ever, but I was able to spend a day (and a quarter) wandering the blocks.

 I have more than enough to talk about, but I am going to focus in on the two bestest places ever... yes, I said "bestest." These places are worth poor grammar to fully express how glorious they are.

The Paris Market and The Coffee Fox.

savanna georgia downtown shopping coffee hipster the coffee fox

savanna georgia downtown shopping coffee hipster the coffee fox deer chandelier rusticsavanna georgia downtown shopping coffee hipster the coffee fox deer mount chandelier barista

 The Coffee Fox is just the cutest little place. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt at home. The environment is clean and unique; the baristas are knowledgeable and friendly; and the coffee is not terribly priced and absolutely delicious! It is basically everything I believe a coffee shop should be. I "liked" their Facebook page just so I can feel like I am a local who gets to go there all the time. Keep it up, Coffee Fox.

savanna georgia downtown shopping coffee hipster the paris market stationery stationary polka dots vintage rustic chic decorsavanna georgia downtown shopping coffee hipster the paris market stationery buttons pencils light bulb

 Oh, the Paris Market... It is a good thing I  am not a local because if I was, I would spend all of my money here. It is right across the street from the Coffee Fox, making the two a dangerous duo. Everything in this store, I want in my future home. They have a very rustic, vintage style, and though there are the pricier items, overall, their prices are pretty reasonable. In the back, they even have a little café with coffee and sweets. I tried a Macaroon, and it was indeed delicious.

 I contained my urge to buy all the stationary and nick-nacks and only bought two things in my two visits there. I bought a crème, hand knit beanie for just $12, and some fancy looking bubble bath. Timothy bought the soap version of the bubble bath for like ten bucks (smarter and cheaper way to go), and fell so in love with it, he checked online to purchase more. That is when we discovered they have an online store. Thankfully, they only have their more expensive items available for purchase, so I will not be visiting the site often, but it is quite nice to know they have that feature available.

 In conclusion, if you go anywhere downtown, go to West Broughton Street. Tell them Tiffany sent you.. Then you can watch them look at you in confusion as they wonder who the heck you are talking about. It will be great.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Kisses on Riverstreet.

Our first official day in Savannah, Georgia, half of the group decided to get up and go check out the infamous River Street.

savanna georgia river street historical history architecture old building

Once cotton warehouses of the 1800's, these beautiful, historic buildings line the Savannah River transporting you to another time. I honestly felt like I was somewhere in Europe. The cobblestone
streets made me want to run down them singing, and the aged brick filled my heart with happiness. I wanted to just grab a sketch pad or paint brush and attempt capturing the beauty around me. It was picturesque. 

savanna georgia river street historical history architecture old building sweetsAll the buildings have been restored into shops and restaurants, drawing in thousands each weekend. We stopped for lunch at Tubby's, and at first glance, I was afraid it was going to be crazy expensive, but it was actually decently prices. That was actually the case for everywhere we went that weekend. Surprisingly affordable. I got the Po Boy, and three weeks later, I still dream of it. It was the most fantastic fish sandwich I have ever had and only like eight bucks. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it.

After grabbing lunch, we just walked around the area. We didn't go into any of the shops, but we did go into Riverstreet Sweets. Oh my goodness. It was Heaven. Walking inside was how I imagined a Willy Wonka Candy store
savanna georgia river street historical history architecture old building sweetswhen I read the book. Precious is the one word I would use to describe the location. They gave everyone entering free samples of their famous Pralines and woo! I'd never had praline before, but that sample made me want to become an addict. Ashley gave me one of her truffles she bought, and that was just wonderful. Ooh. At one point, a bird even flew in the doorway and nearly hit an elderly lady walking inside.. It was full of excitement. What I am trying to say is... Go to Riverstreet Sweets.

savanna georgia river street historical history architecture old building love kisses kiss kissing
I mentioned how picturesque this place was earlier. I didn't have my camera all weekend, (I don't want to talk about it) but I did I have my iPhone so I was able
to grab a few pictures to capture my favorite memories.. Including Tim and I trying to take a cute, normal couple photo in the middle of the street but panicking which resulted in an actually rather adorable photo of me kissing his cheek because I was giving up in any chance of us taking a good photo. -Insert gagging noises here-