Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Trip to Savannah, Ga.

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       I was born and raised in Georgia, but I know nothing about it. I mean, I remember a bit from what they taught me in my fourth grade Georgia History class, but I have never explored it for myself. I have been so focused on adventuring around the rest of the world, I completely ignored my own home state. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to end this local land neglect and travel to Savannah, Georgia a few weeks ago.

       Before I knew the group, Dana and Timothy decided to run in the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon for Team World Vision a few months ago. Since they had committed to running, the gang all decided to show their support by making this a vacation. Shortly after I became friends with everyone, they invited me on the trip, and here we are now!

       To find out more about specific adventures from the trip, just click on the photos below to bring up the correlating post (Ooh.. fancy.)

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Let's Go to the Beach, Each.

       Rather than stay in the middle of Savannah, where the crowds are intense and the prices even worse, the thirteen of us stayed right outside of the city on Tybee Island in an amazing little beach house.

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation porch swing tybee island

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation beach house tybee island

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation beach house tybee island fence

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation palm trees fire pit tybee islandlet's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation beach house tybee island blue teal door

        Complete with fire pit, swinging bed, and adorable decor, this house was simple but still had "vacation home" written all over it. So we were in a great house, right on the beach, and due to the time of year, the island was practically vacant. AND fun fact that I did not know until we were walking on the beach when we first arrived, The Last Song was filmed here so that's a pretty cool bonus for the trip.

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation last song pier ocean tybee island

       Some of the group actually spent a good bit of time on the beach. Though the water was cold, it wasn't terrible. At night, the temperature would drop, and if you planned on walking the shore line then, you would want to be dressed in some sort of Fall get-up. 

       I went to the beach three times: Once when we arrived (at sunset), one early morning, and once at night. All three were great in a different way. I loved being able to be with (most) everyone that first day and feeling the ocean breeze for the first time in forever. I loved wandering around with Hannah and Bethany and discovering a Horsehoe Crab (whom I refuse to believe was injured/dead) and drawing bubble lines in the sand with our feet. With that said, I think my favorite beach moment was probably whenever Tim and I went on our night walk. 

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation friends oceanlet's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation friends silly ocean selfie tybee island

 let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation ocean model puffer vestlet's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation horseshoe crab ocean seaside sand

                            let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation tybee island ocean

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation tybee island ocean friends selfie

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation tybee island pier last song sunset

let's go to the beach photography savanna georgia vacation tybee island love night walk       It was the night after he ran the Half Marathon, and he was all sorts of worn out and sore. He knew I wanted to walk on the beach at least once with him before we left, as did he, so he sucked it up and walked with me. After just walking to the pier, I could tell he was in pain so I knew we would not stay terribly long. Once we got to the beach, we both immediately regretted everything. He was wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts, and I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and shorts. We were both barefoot. It was freezing, and the wind was rocking out. I am honestly shocked we did not come down with something after our little adventure. He crippled along anyways, and I tried to stay warm by hopping around him as we talked and laughed at our ridiculousness. It was just great. I love how we have the capability to take something as romantic as a night time walk on the beach and make it goofy and hysterical.

       Maybe it was a "had to be there" thing... Regardless, my overall Tybee Island beach experience was fantastic. It was clean and not crowded and made for an enjoyable vacation. I will say there is pretty much zip on the island. It is super tiny, and what is on the island is expensive for what you get. If you are going to Savannah with a group, I would recommend renting a house like we did on Tybee just because it is still cheaper than staying in the city, and it is a twenty minute drive away. Plus, you are right on the beach. It is a win-win-win situation.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thank you, Robin Williams.

I am heartbroken.

I honestly did not believe it when I saw something saying Robin Williams had passed.

He is one of the first actors I remember watching & one of the first people to impact and inspire me in the way he did. 

He made me feel like no dream was too big and no thought was too small. He made me realize you can be an adult but still have the joy and fun of a child. He taught me to create a silver lining even when there was nothing but grey skies ahead. He showed me that I am worth being loved and supported and should not waste my time on those who do the opposite. He was someone that encouraged me to pursue my creative loves. He did all this, and I never even knew him.

Throughout the years, any movie or interview I ever saw him in just made me love him more & aspire to be like him... putting smiles on people's faces, encouraging all through the roles he performed, turning darkness into light and helping people get through whatever terrible times they were facing. 

When I was four or five, I was super sick. I don't remember what I had. I just remember lying on the couch with my mom, eating Chicken Noodle Soup, and my dad running out to pick up my medicine and "Flubber" on VHS. I watched that movie non-stop for like a month. I basically had no idea what was even going on at the time, but he made me laugh. 

He has always been able to crack me up, but he also makes me bawl. He had the ability to connect with audiences in amazing ways. He wasn't just a big goofball, but a sweet and loving man. His huge heart shined through every performance. He could take a comedy and make it be something so much more meaningful and real than any director or writer could have ever intended. Robin Williams had a gift. He was genius.

Thank you RIP Robin Williams appreciation

And now he is gone.

I really can't wrap my mind around it, and I am currently in this place of denial. I am so sorry that his family (and the world) lost such an amazing man. I never understood how it was possible to be so upset and shocked over someone's death that you hadn't even met until now.

He may have been a celebrity who could basically have anything he ever wanted, but that doesn't mean he was not human. If anything comes from this loss, I hope that people will see and understand that everyone is dealing with something. Just because it appears someone has it all, has everything figured out, or is loved by millions, does not mean that they are not struggling with their own demons. 

Depression is real, and it sucks. I HATE he had to fight this. I HATE that he struggled. & I HATE that he is gone. If you are going through it, please, reach out to someone. I guarantee you there is at least one person who will listen. It may not make everything better, but I promise you, it helps. It does not have to end the way it did for him.

Also, for those who are struggling with depression, learn from him. Do what he did for so many years and turn that darkness that is constantly surrounding you into light. Create something beautiful out of the disgusting mess. It is difficult but not impossible.

Thank you so much, Robin Williams, for filling the world with your love and laughter. You inspired us all. I am so sorry you had to experience Hell on Earth, but as I saw a friend of mine on Facebook write: ".. he is now entertaining the angels." I hate this is how you found it, but I am thankful you are finally at peace. You are dearly, dearly missed.

I am linking a few websites down below to people that you can contact if you feel hopeless, discouraged or just want a person to talk to.. This does not have to be the end:


Monday, July 28, 2014

Tales of Tiffany Love: Est. 2014.

Last night (actually a couple of nights ago now because I am late in editing this post), I had a dream. Nothing unusual. Everybody dreams.

But you see.. dreaming is a strange category for me.

The dreams I have are quite intense. I always remember them and every single one feels real, even after I wake up. It's actually pretty cool, except for when it isn't, but I am sure we will talk about that more another time.

This particular dream was quite tame, but what I gathered from it was pretty life altering.

In the dream, I was in my 7th grade homeroom class with my five or six closest friends from elementary/middle school. At the front of the class, was one of my favorite middle school teachers, Mrs. Williams. It was like a mini reunion because it was set in the present, but we were all sitting in the desks, ready to learn. When class/the reunion/whatever-you-want-to-call-it began, Mrs. Williams went around to each of us and asked us about our lives and future plans, then asked to see our notebook. 

Back story: Every day in 7th grade, we had to answer a daily journal question in our notebooks... mine ALWAYS ended with "I don't know" or "I'm not really sure."

Okay. We're back. So yes, she wanted to check our notebooks. When it got to my friend Jacob, he told her his plans, but he hadn't been writing in his notebook. Everyone there dramatically gasped, except for me. I was next in line, so she asked me about my plans, and my response was "I don't really know yet." She frowned slightly, but had hope in her voice as she asked to see my notebook, knowing that there was no way I would not have it filled... She was wrong. I hadn't done it. 

At this point, everyone in class is freaking out. Everyone besides me and Jacob filled out their notebooks, and Jacob and I were the kids that always had their assignments done and absolutely loved writing and anything artistic. Mrs. Williams is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and that fact stood true in the dream. She looked at the two of us and proceeded to say that she was so sad to hear that we quit writing and was disappointed in us both. She looks at Jacob, however, and says she is glad he is pursuing his dreams and expressing himself. She then looks at me and asks, "What happened to you? Why did you stop?"

& I woke up.

That may not be detrimental to you and your mental well being, but for me, this was terrible. I hate disappointing people, and I have always had a complex with having insane "above average" expectations for myself. I sat there thinking this actually happened for a bit and frantically attempted to piece together a notebook when I finally realized it was just a dream. Of course, the next step was analyzing the dream that sent me into a downward spiral. Rather than bore you with all the sub points, I am just going to give you the take away...

I am not doing what I love.

At some point, I got caught up in the hustle and bustle of "the real world" and "being an adult" and forgot to take time to do what I love and truly enjoy. Due to my hectic schedule, I am now allotting time to do what I want, whether that be music stuff, writing, making videos, whatever. The fact I am having to set aside time do all this actually stresses me out, but I am no longer going to just push it all aside like it doesn't matter. I need to do these things to keep my mental sanity meh. If I don't do them, I will become stressed out to the max.

And that is why this blog now exists. I love telling stories, expressing myself, and making something out of nothing. I want and need to get back into doing those things, and what is a better starting point than blogging?

I am in this cool (and terrifying) place where I can do and become whatever I want. I have no idea what that is yet or what in the world God has in store for me, but I am going to use this platform (and my Youtube channel) to document every step.

No worries, Mrs. Williams! I am done disappointing you... even if it was only a fictional version of you.